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Really Useful Handbook of Reptile Husbandry

Really Useful Handbook of Reptile Husbandry


The keeping of exotic animals is becoming an increasingly popular aspect of pet ownership. Reptile owners are becoming more and more inexperienced as the popularity of these animals becomes more widespread. Vets and veterinary nurses are having to familiarise themselves with reptilian illnesses and husbandry issues without being experts themselves. Access to the answers for these complaints is an ongoing problem for the busy vet. This guide plus FREE CD-ROM, provide you with a quick, readily available and detailed answers to the increasing number of reptilian illnesses that are entering the veterinary practice waiting room.


"With more and more inexperienced reptile owners reporting to their local (non-specialist) practice for information, a publication such as this will be invaluable for all practices. Advising owners (often incorrectly) is regularly left to the nurse having a quick and practical reference guide to hand would certainly help!

Caroline Gosden has personal experience of keeping and breeding reptile species and so will give this book a valuable practical slant - ''this worked for me'' - often lacking in veterinary texts written by authors with little real experience." Jo Masters, VN; Education Officer, BVNA; Course Organiser, Vetlink Veterinary Training Centre.

Vetnews, Dr Dorianne Elliot 23/03/05
"The book details in a clear and simple language, the layout of the book is novel and entertaining. I found this text to be clear, informative and filled with useful tips. I believe this book will be useful to veterinary students, veterinary nurses, pet shop staff and anyone else interested. I would recommend 'The Really Useful Guide to Reptile Husbandry' as a good basic handbook to anyone dealing with exotic amphibians and reptiles in pet or other captive situations"

Key Features

  • Features a problem-based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of common husbandry-related problems in reptile species.

  • Unique checklists ensure accurate assessment of both problem and solution.

  • An easy-to-use reference for the non-specialist - appropriate for all levels of veterinary practice.

  • Offers downloadable assessment forms on a free disk.


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